Google Pixel 4a with 5G – Android Phone


Model Name :  Pixel
Wireless Carrier :  Unlocked
Brand:  Google
Form Factor:  Smartphone
Memory Storage Capacity:  128 GB
Operating System:  Android 10.0
Color : Just Black
Cellular Technology:  5G
SIM card slot count:   Single SIM
Year : 2020

Google Pixel 4a  Android phones can change carriers and have their own data plans; unlocked smartphones are compatible with T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and other major carriers; Verizon’s mobile broadband network is incompatible with 5G smartphones. The 5G capable cell phone gives you an advantage over your competition. This means you can download files in seconds, watch smooth HD streaming, play games at home and on the road, and even share your 5G speed with friends.


The all-day battery can last up to 48 hours with Extreme Battery Saver. You’ll get OS, security, and privacy updates automatically for at least 3 years; The custom-made Titan M chip helps secure your operating system and sensitive data, including passwords. You can visit to get a laptop here.



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